you dream, we design

At Designs Unlimited, our team is obsessed with design. We appreciate every form of art and we believe that even the most “boring” piece can create excitement when placed in the right place with the right elements.

We take our inspirations from daily life. That’s how we learn, grow and develop new ways to better understand our clients and meet their needs.

Your project is as important to us as you are. We strive to save you time and respect your budget. Through our comprehensive process, we accompany you from the moment you have an idea until it’s complete in front of your eyes.


​Well designed spaces improve our mental states and help us to relax and focus. Well designed products improve efficiency and usability. And well designed graphics engage and inspire people everywhere.

When elements and environments are well designed, we work better and we feel better.

It does not take long to strip down to the bone, but countless hours to design, to plan and to build. We want to make sure we get all the details right, so you can rest easy as we do the work.

Here are some of our most recent projects.


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